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Taking the guess work out of tech budgeting!
IT managed Services...it's more affordable than you think!

For smaller businesses, at a glance, paying a set amount per month may not seem like it's a good idea.

After all, you don't use tech support that often. But the numbers can be deceiving!

Obviously every company will be different in one regard or another, but one instance

of required tech support that could've been avoided through proactive work, could

end up saving you money in the long run.
To put this into perspective, if you're paying for break/fix or hourly tech support, you're

likely spending upwards of $150 easily per setting even in the best of scenarios.

For a business running 3 computers that could amount to several months worth of support!
Did we mention that all of our plans come with some built-in hours of tech support too?
When you factor that in, it becomes a much clearer picture:

Break/fix-Hourly: 2 hours @ $125/hour = $250 for a one time issue even if it's on a single device.

With a basic MSP plan for a 3 computer business: $25/computer/month (includes one hour remote or 1/2 hour on-site)= $75/month.

That means it would take 3 months to add up to the one cost from the hourly rate support!

Why would we even offer MSP services then??

Because the proactive work done through the MSP bundles reduce the number of issues experienced! In most cases the reason you would need break/fix support would be taken care of before it became an issue.

That means less down time for you and your employees which also means more productivity and efficiency. In other words: more profitable. This allows for not only us, but for you to have an expected and set monthly budget for IT services.

Still not sure? Get a FREE Consultation to see how our MSP services can benefit your business!

What do msp services cover?

Each plan can be customized to fit your needs. One size does NOT fit all when it comes to technology!

What you get in every plan: Windows and Mac devices

-Remote Management

-24x7 Monitoring and alerts

-Patch management (updates)

-Help Desk support - minimum of one hour remote support OR 1/2 hour of onsite support*

-Discounted rates for support hours beyond the plan inclusions.

-Managed security services

-LOB software support

The best part? You get all of that for no more than $25 per computer* per month. 

More options available with a higher tier plan. 


Without proper backups in place, it's not a matter of if, but WHEN the inevitable will happen and you lose all of your data. Whether through hardware failure, hacker, or disaster. Could your business survive with the loss of data? Is that a chance you're willing to take?
We offer a comprehensive backup solution that is reliable and affordable! Be sure that you're left with a disaster recovery plan rather than a whole lot of regret.
Get in touch with us to find out more.

Work From Home

With our MSP services, we also have options for an add-on service to allow secure work from home to be setup per user and as needed. This allows for your business to continue to function as if everyone were still in the office but without the necessity of having to break social distancing!

Find out more.

*1/2 hour of onsite support is equivalent to 1 hour of remote support. Support time is cumulative for all devices and is NOT per device. Consultation services quantify as support when on an MSP plan.


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