Full Stack Support

From A to Z, we support it!

There are few things in business that are as helpful as technology...when it's working properly!
There are few things in business that are as much of a pain as technology when it's not working as it's expected!

This is something we understand well!
When you hire Brake Designs, you get around the clock monitoring, trusted solutions, and top tier tech support. All for a set monthly cost!

Our team works hard to earn your trust and maximizing your ROI. We help to establish systems that can work for years to come, but that are also the right fit for your needs.

Complete tech support shouldn't have an asterisk. That's why when we say, we offer support A to Z, you can take us at our word! Technology covers software, hardware, networking, servers, users, and how it all interacts with each other area of your business. True full technology stack support!

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Whether it's LOB, or just something that's used every now and then by a single person in your business, it has a role to play. It's not good for anyone when you have to rely on different companies or organizations to troubleshoot each piece of your software puzzle separately. That's why we cover everything! We realize that we may not have full spectrum access or expertise, which is why we will also work with the software vendor when required.


Whatever subcategory it may fall under, any tech hardware in your business, we support!
While the software may be the brains of your business, without reliable devices for it to operate on or interact with, it's useless! As the true backbone that supports everything else, hardware cannot usually be fixed remotely. That's why it's important to make sure you have a company to support it that is available, quick, and efficient to keep your business running smoothly!


When it's working properly, you never give it a second thought. But when one part of your network goes down, it has the potential to bring things to a grinding halt! Not only can we get a network back up and going, but we work diligently to keep them from ever having issues to begin with no matter how complex it is nor what types of devices are using it.


If your business utilizes servers, then you know how important it is to keep them running smoothly. With our knowledge and experience, that is just what we do! But whether it be setting them up, maintaining them, or decommissioning them, we have you covered!


As the most complex part of any tech infrastructure, it's important to make sure your users are well trained, not just at their job, but at using their technological tools and in keeping your company safe from cyber security threats. At Brake Designs, we know just how valuable your employees are so it is our goal to make sure they are well prepared for success at every point of technology they encounter!

Putting All The Pieces Together

Each area of technology, in and of itself, is important and can also be a daunting task to handle. Using a company such as Brake Designs is the best way to manage, create, and integrate all those moving parts into one well working machine. When it comes to our clients: if you're successful, then so are we! We don't just want to be a tech support company, but the reason you don't have to worry about your technology; knowing that it's in good hands!