More than a business:
a partner

Passionate About Inspiring Others

Having started out in the tech and graphic design areas as a volunteer at his local church assembly, Tory Brake founded Brake Designs, LLC on the principal of not just running a business, but of helping others. That mindset isn't just a passing desire, but a guiding principal. When you get Brake Designs, you know you're getting someone helping you that don't just see you as a number, but as an investment in humanity! We realize that not only do we have an important role to play, but so do you. Our goal is to help you be the best version of yourself, of your business, that you can be. And we accomplish that by giving you the best we have to offer in customer service and prompt, efficient support. Life is too short for anything less!

We realize that technology is growing at an amazingly rapid pace and because of this it can be extremely daunting; if not downright frustrating. We make it a point to have the answers, solutions, and direction for today's tech so you can forget about that part of it and just run your business the way it needs to be. There's enough limitations you have to face day in and day out: we don't want technology to be included in those hurdles!

Offering Services that include consultation, business branding, graphic design, and cyber security we are able to make sure that your business is well taken care of. 

We truly don't just want to have a business transaction, we wish to create business partnerships that are beneficial and just make sense!

Tory Brake

Being located in Seneca, MO we offer our services in-person to the Joplin MO, Neosho MO, Bentonville AR, and Miami OK areas of the four states.
All of our services are also available nationally online.