Backups--Don't Wait Until It's Too Late...

Today we have a topic for you that is most often overlooked, especially in small and medium-sized businesses, but could be the difference one day between your business making a quick recovery or you having to shut the doors.

Today we are talking about backups. Backups. Okay that is a term I'm sure you probably heard of. But what exactly is it? To put it succinctly, backups are making copies of everything your business does on a computer. Why is that essential? Why is that needed? I'm glad you asked! A computer backup or server backup, however you may be operating; a backup in general will take the data, a snapshot from day to day and will make copies of it to save for future reference if you ever needed or litigation if you ever need it for Hardware failure. Maybe the computer hard drive crashes. It would be horrible; absolutely horrible to lose everything that you’ve worked so hard for. Now some companies could lose everything and wouldn't be all that big of a deal. It might be a pain, but they can work through it. Other companies if they were to lose everything that they had stored on their hard drive or on their server, it would literally make them have to close the doors. Now computer backups can be done in two different ways: they can be done locally on a device at the physical location or they can be done over the cloud using the internet to a device in another location. Sometimes, you can have one setup yourself or you can pay a company for cloud backup. Either way backups are an essential part of your business and of your tech repertoire. So if you don't have backups in place, I encourage you to reach out to us and we would be happy to give you a free consultation on why you would need to consider a backup and how you could best go about doing that.

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