Building An Online Presence: Making A DIY Website

Updated: Apr 12

DIY - Building A Website Everything is moving online these days: entertainment, grocery shopping, car buying, meetings, and even running a business. Now more than ever creating an online presence is at the core of a healthy and growing business. And websites are the foundation for building that presence!

But how can you compete? You're not a graphic designer or developer...

And hiring one can be more expensive than your budget affords the luxury of. So now what?

It's time for the era of DIY to step up and shine bright! With all of the advances in technology, has also come the advances in making even the most intimidating and daunting tasks manageable.

Welcome to the world of WYSIWYG website development and design. What You See Is What You Get. It's all the rave and it doesn't require that you know a single line of code.

Now, the hardest part is choosing which site creation tool to use!

While not a comprehensive list, we've put together a small list of some of our favorite resources and some things to help you decide which one is best for you! Type: Ecommerce Pros:

-Extensive online store building capabilities

-Premade templates to pick from

-Responsive designs

-Numerous tools to help drive sales and analytics

-Great integrations available to help scale your business

-Relatively cheap monthly pricing with a free trial period

-Inventory managment

-Well trusted and big name in the niche


-Interface can be somewhat intimidating to a beginner

-Marketing is up to the site owner

-Integration pricing can add up quickly

Type: General/Informational, ecommerce, interactive


-Premade templates that are intuitive and eye-catching

-Drag and drop capabilities

-Responsive designs

-Extensive tools and add-ons

-Powerful analytics

-Great fit for nearly all site genres

-Easy to use and intuitive

-Many integrations that add great value to the site, some of which are free

-Site plans ranging from free to enterprise class

-Full domain control

-Included basic marketing tools and baseline SEO


-Limited features to some integrations and add-ons requiring upgrades for full access

-Free plan forces Wix branding

-Premium plans are single domain only

-No advanced level design options

-Analytics require a paid plan

Type: General/Informational


-Can design nearly any genre site

-Full domain control

-Hosting can cover multiple domains

-Includes free WordPress capabilities

-Cheap non-branded plans available

-Advanced level design options

-Decent analytics available


-Not a very intuitive interface

-Site management can be complex

-No marketing help or tools included

-Little to no integrations

-Very basic tools

-Not always responsive templates

Type: Ecommerce


-Extensive online store building

-Drag and drop capabilities

-Responsive site design

-Easily changed templates after site creation

-Fairly intuitive interface

-Numerous tools to help drive marketing and analytics

-Site plans are affordable including a free option

-Inventory management


-Not easy to design or edit from mobile

-Not many theme options

-Difficult to insert documents

-No advanced design options

This concludes our list. Have you used a different site builder or have insight in one of our highlighted sites? We would love to hear from you!

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