But Why A Website?

We've shared some tools for a DIY website, but what about the reason behind needing a website to begin with?

Are websites really needed? Are they beneficial? How do I know if I need a website? All important questions. And usually where the journey begins for a business in the online digital age. We want to help you break each of those questions down and answer them for you and your business or organization. While there is no magical answers and one size definitely does not fit all, we will offer some logical reasonings and compelling guidance to help you find the answers you need.

Are websites really needed?

To answer this, we must answer the question: what are websites good for? In short: information. The true answer goes much more in-depth, but this is a great place to start.

The internet is an incredible labyrinth of information being sent and received. There are an estimated 1.17 BILLION sites on the world wide web. Why so many? Websites are the foundation for how the data traverses. They are the vehicles for how people find and interact with that data. Remember the times of having to go to the library for a research paper? Younger generations can't comprehend the hours spend to just find some useful information. Now there are a plethora of resources just a few keystrokes away. Ways to find out anything you want or need to know. Need to know the best ways to clean the charging port on your phone? Want to know why we have different seasons? Curious as to why your dog turns so much before finally laying down? Or maybe you're wanting to know how quantum physics works. All of this can be found on the internet. But none of it would make sense or be able to be parsed through without the aide of websites. Online transactions now constitute a whopping 12% of the gross USA economy. More and more people are buying essentials online. You can even buy cars online now. But to add to this, there are some business that would not exist without the internet and a website. Companies such as Amazon, Google, Pandora, and many more all rely almost entirely on internet based transactions for their business sustainability. So how did we function as a society before websites?! Honestly, no one really knows... Dark magic or something.

Are websites beneficial?

This is a bit of a dark-horse question. Yes and no. I know, I know. After all of our exposition above about the need for websites then we have the audacity to make a statement like this. The thing is, not all businesses require a website to be successful. Believe it or not. We still think dark magic must be involved here somehow.

But truthfully, not all businesses are geared towards online interactions. Some just wish to remain small or only want local, word of mouth exposure. Whatever the intent, it just doesn't make sense for all scenarios. We may not understand that scenario but we're told they do exist. A business might even set up a Google Business profile without actually creating a full fledged website. This way they can be found online and basic information is given to potential customers, but no costs or regular upkeep are incurred in the process. So, for clarity, yes websites are beneficial. It just may not have to be your website that you utilize especially if something such as a Google listing is adequate to meet your needs.

How do I know if I need a website?

Ah, now this is where the real benefit comes in. Is it worth your time having a website... Let's over-simplify this for a moment to make it black and white: Do you want more customers? Do you want more sales?

Do you want more people to know about your business or organization?

Do you want to build a perception about your work that you have a say in? Do you want to be loved? If you answered yes to any one of those questions, then you need a website! Okay, that last one may not be a good way to determine if you need a website, but you know, self-worth issues. The biggest thing to look at when trying to decide is the cost vs the return. Is what you will get out of a website worth the investment? Because it should be an investment. If you are pursuing a website and not seeing it as an investment, then it likely isn't a good fit.

If you ask us: yes you need a website and you need Brake Designs to make it for you!!! In the end though, it must be a decision that you reach and feel comfortable with. We never encourage making an investment that you're unsettled about. No good can come of that.

Still unsure?

Schedule a free consultation with us today! We would love the opportunity to help set you on the right path!

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